Publication: posting 15 June & 22 June 2021

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Part of Glasgow International 2021 Digital Programme

JUMBIES is a collaborative ‘group-show-as-performance’ which weaves together the practices of visual artist Ashanti Harris, textile designer Zephyr Liddell and sound artist Patricia Panther. Taking its title from the jumbie — a Caribbean colloquial for ghost — a series of performances presented as a 360 video work combines dance, sound and printed textiles to create a space of layered fictions, alternate realities, apparitions and re-presentations.

The 360 video of the JUMBIES performance work is accompanied by this printed publication which brings together new writing and illustration by Harris, Liddell and Panther alongside commissioned texts by Raisa Kabir, Marie O’Connor and Ranjana Thapalyal, which further unravel and reveal the ideas and practices that configure JUMBIES.

This booking link is for a printed publication which will arrive to you by post and will include a link through which you can access the 360 video of JUMBIES.

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15 June (for delivery around 18 June 2021)

22 June (for delivery around 25 June 2021)

* Please note a limited number of publications will be available to order throughout the festival. If you are ordering from outside the UK, delivery times may be longer.

The JUMBIES 360 video is best accessed via a mobile phone or tablet with headphones. Please click this link from your chosen device to ensure it is compatible with 360 video:

When viewing the 360 video, you should be able to look in all directions through the screen by turning your body accordingly. However, if you would prefer to watch from a seated position, you can use your touch screen or mouse to navigate. This publication along with the 360 video, audio and visual transcriptions, will also be available digitally via Glasgow International 2021 website from 11th June 2021.

JUMBIES Publication

Edited by Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan, Panel

Graphic Design by Maeve Redmond

Cover Artwork by Zephyr Liddell

Edition of 400

Supported by Glasgow International, Creative Scotland and Panel.

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