Transmission Archive Project

Panel Posters Small02 2
Enrico David, Claire Stevenson, Roger Horns Single-sided poster Exhibition: 23/11/99 - 18/12/99
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We Win Single-sided poster Exhibition: 19/3/02- 13/4/02

Transmission Poster Archive

Artist and curator, James Hutchinson, invited by the Transmission Gallery committee, has developed the section of their new website where the archive is represented. Building a parallel programme over 2017 and 2018 James has invited guests, including Panel, to spend time in Transmission's physical archive in order to select artefacts and documents to platform on the website.

We looked through the Transmission poster collection and our selected posters and a short text are online now. You can have a look here alongside contributions from Alan Michael and Aideen Doran. Our contribution will be available for two years only, echoing the way that the committee structure of the gallery functions.