The Inventors of Tradition II Book Launch

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Stage set, performance and costume for photography, Mixed Media Department, Glasgow School of Art, Jill Bryson, 1981
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IOT II Book Launch performance, Photography: Alan Dimmick
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The Inventors of Tradition II Book Launch

Atelier E.B and Panel’s first book The Inventors of Tradition (2011) mapped out connections across design, industry, fashion and fine art, uncovering linked aspects of Scotland’s unique heritage in textile making. With The Inventors of Tradition II, we expand our exploration to encompass Scotland’s recent cultural past, making new connections that bring together art, architecture, design and sub-cultural identities, to examine how style can function as part of a broader discourse.

Through this publication, Atelier E.B and Panel further explore the ideas presented within the collection, exhibition and events programme, which took place across Glasgow in 2015. Essay contributions are from Michael Bracewell, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Fiona Jardine, Juliet Kinchin, Mason Leaver-Yap, Mairi MacKenzie, Ray McKenzie, Bernie Reid, Rebecca Wober and Linsey Young. Interviews with Jill Bryson and Eric Michael add to the conversation significantly. The book is published by Koenig Books ( ISBN 978-3-96098-002-5).

The publication launched at The Art School on Wednesday 30 November 2016. The launch included a recreated performance-installation by Jill Bryson of Strawberry Switchblade, inspired by her 1981 Degree show work.

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