Instant Whip: Audio Tour

Listen / An audio tour of the Instant Whip exhibition at Reid Gallery and Window on Heritage at The Glasgow School of Art, led by Juliana Capes and Anne Dignan.
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Instant Whip Audio Tour

Exhibition Audio Tour

Recorded at The Glasgow School of Art with multidisciplinary visual artist Juliana Capes and visually impaired storyteller Anne Dignan, this audio tour of Instant Whip explores each section of the exhibition through evocative conversation as they make their way around the Reid Gallery and Window on Heritage.

You can listen to the full tour (approx 1hr 20 minutes) or by chapter:

1. Introduction (18 minutes)

2. Drawing into Textiles (15 minutes)

3. The Recurring Figure and Textile Designing (21 minutes)

4. Styling the 1980s (9 minutes)

5. The Archive Revisited (12 minutes)

6. Art School Archive (10 minutes)