In conversation with Sally Hackett

Weakness 6
Couples Arguing one, two, three, four and five, Clay ceramic sculptures, Sally Hackett, Photograph: Alan Dimmick

In conversation with Sally Hackett

In 2018, Panel commissioned Sally Hackett and France-Lise McGurn to create new work in response to the work of Ester Krumbachová, a key figure in Czech New Wave cinema during the 1960s.

Krumbachová has returned to public consciousness recently as her papers, artwork, photography and clothes were donated to create an archive, overseen by curators Edith Jeřábková and Zuzana Blochová (ARE Events). The archive is beginning to shed light on Krumbachová’s time, with many topics – agency, magic, materialism, gender, feminism, the interconnected nature of reality, and sensory forms of knowledge – remaining relevant today.

The work created by Sally Hackett and France-Lise McGurn was in direct response to the archive, and presented as an installation within 'A Weakness for Raisins', an exhibition, presented at CCA, co-curated by ARE Events, CCA and Panel, alongside a film season dedicated to Krumbachová’s work.

Sally talks to Laura Richmond here about her work and ways of connecting to Ester.