In conversation with Kirsten Carter McKee

In 2018, Panel presented a collection of products in partnership with Collective's new retail space Collective Matter. Created by artists Rachel Adams, Mick Peter and Katie Schwab, designer Katy West and photographer Alan Dimmick, the products were made in close collaboration with manufacturers and makers across the UK and Europe.

To celebrate the 'Souvenirs of Calton Hill', on Saturday 15 June, 2019, Panel co-ran the Collective Matter shop on Calton Hill. In the library of the City Dome, taking inspiration from the ‘Monuments’ hanging mobile by Alan Dimmick and Flensted, visitors were invited to make their own hanging mobile using images and shapes influenced by Alan’s Calton Hill portraits. In the shop, artist David Sherry explored the world of retail with pop up performances ‘Selling Receipts’ and ‘Lucky Business’ and on the hill, architectural historian and cultural landscape specialist Kirsten Carter McKee introduced the history of Calton Hill, revealing the stories which inspired our souvenir collection.

Kirsten talks to Laura Richmond here about Calton Hill's unique perspective on Edinburgh and on Scotland's history.

Calton Hill Tour
Kirsten Carter McKee leads a tour of Calton Hill, Photograph: Sequoia Hearne