In conversation with Jonathan Cleaver

Carpets Of Distinction 2
The Stoddard-Tempelton Design Library, The Glasgow School of Art Library

In conversation with Jonathan Cleaver

In 2012-13, Panel presented Carpets of Distinction, a showroom of six hand-tufted rugs in partnership with Dovecot Studios and the Stoddard-Templeton Archive at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art.

Named after Templeton’s 1940s trade publication, the showroom exhibited a collection of examples from the companies’ archives, dating from the 1930s to the 1980s and included reference materials, sales catalogues and rarely seen sketches.

Displayed alongside specially commissioned hand-tufted rugs, produced by Dovecot, the material acknowledged bold alliances with artists —whether in the factory or in the independent studio—and drew attention to the expertise, quality and innovation shared by the companies.

This ambition was extended by John Byrne, Nick Evans, Ruth Ewan, Alasdair Gray, Nicolas Party, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, in partnership with weaver and rug maker Jonathan Cleaver, in the production of six new limited edition works that honoured the historically evocative, yet most commonplace of objects: the Rug.

Jonathan talks to Laura Richmond here about Carpets of Distinction and the threads of his current research into carpet making.