In conversation with Fraser Taylor: June 2020

In conversation with Fraser Taylor

In 2011, Panel’s first project and partnership with Atelier E.B, The Inventors of Tradition, uncovered and linked aspects of Scotland’s unique heritage in textile production in order to re-examine local culture and extend the ideas presented within their first clothing and accessory collection of the same name.

The Cloth, an art and design collective, formed by David Band, Brian Bolger, Helen Manning and Fraser Taylor in 1983, were included in the exhibition for their work which, blended fashion and textiles, pop culture, music, fine art and graphic design. Fraser’s personal collection is now held by Glasgow School of Art (GSA), where Fraser studied in the textile department. Fraser talks to Laura Richmond here about his formative Glasgow years, The Cloth and archiving his own work.

Panel The Cloth A
T-shirts by The Cloth - David Band, Brian Bolger, Fraser Taylor and Helen Manning, Summer 1984. Courtesy of The Glasgow School of Art. Photograph by Nick Knight for Blitz magazine, words by Iain R. Webb.